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Are You Yearning for A Better Future?

A Better Day Awaits the Children of God - Isaiah 49:8-13

Isaiah’s prophecy to the Judean captives in Babylon gives them a promise of a coming Messiah and their restoration. Undoubtedly, any news of deliverance and restoration was welcomed by the captives during their period of hardship. This prophecy foretells of the Messiah’s visitation and the blessings that would come to the Judean captives.

In speaking of the coming Messiah, the prophecy states that 1) God would answer the Messiah in the time that He deemed most favorable, 2) God would help the Messiah in the day which he cried out for salvation/deliverance, and 3) God would be the One who would sustain the Messiah for the establishment of the covenant for the restoration of the children of God. After speaking of the sustaining presence that God the Father would have with the Messiah, the prophecy begins to focus on the benefits that would accrue to the children of God as a result of the Messiah.

After enduring seventy years of bondage in a foreign land, the prophecy foretells of God’s children coming out of the captivity of darkness to enjoy a time of freedom. This time of freedom envisions the children of God 1) finding pasture on formerly barren hillsides, 2) not suffering from hunger or thirst, 3) being guided by a compassionate God into areas of refreshment, and 4) enjoying safe passage via avenues made available by God. With the provision of such blessings, the heavens and the earth are called to burst forth and in joyful praise and worship for the Lord God has both shown compassion for and given comfort to His children.

Similarly, many of God’s children may find themselves in situations today that are less than ideal. A pandemic that has taken a significant number of lives and also ravages many others with illness, a political climate that is divisive and engenders a high degree of animosity, and social injustices that treat some as “less than human” are indicative of an environment where many certainly feel that a better future cannot be envisioned.

Despite the calamitous environment that surrounds us, the children of God can with confidence look forward to a better future. Just as God freed that Judean captives from their temporary bondage and later sent the Messiah for their eternal salvation, the children of God today can place their trust in 1) the steadfast promises of God the Father, 2) the intercession of Jesus at the Father’s right-hand and 3) the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

If you are yearning for a better future, commit your life to the Almighty Creator by repenting of your sinful nature, and accepting both the redemptive sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ as your avenue for salvation and eternal bliss.

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