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Celebrating Days of Dependence

What Does It Mean to Be God’s Servant? - Isaiah 49:1-7

The prophecy of Isaiah in this text is clearly identified as Jesus Christ, Israel’s long-awaited Messiah. Although Christ had not physically arrived, His coming was spoken of many years prior. Isaiah’s prophecy tells of Christ’s ministry and exaltation.

The proclamation is made to the distant lands that 1) Christ was foreknown by God the Father before His earthly birth, 2) His words would be as a sharpened sword in His Father’s hand, and 3) as a polished arrow in His Father’s quiver. Christ is stated to be the Father’s servant, Israel (governed by God), and as such would be glorified.

However, it is also noted that Christ would envision His labor in vain and the expenditure of His strength as futile when envisioning His rejection and crucifixion. Despite the response He encountered among those that He had come to deliver from the ravages of sin, God rewarded Him by resurrecting from the grave. Such an honor has given Christ a name that is above all others and is recognized throughout the world.

The honor that is given to Jesus Christ comes as a result of His servanthood to God the Father. In His servanthood, He was divinely protected, exalted, rewarded, honored, strengthened, and will be eternally esteemed. Similarly, we today are called to be Christian servants after the lifestyle modeled by Jesus. The rewards for Christian service may at times be delayed, but one can rest assured that such rewards will be eternally enjoyed.

America celebrates Independence Day on the fourth of July – citing its freedom from the rule and governance of England. However, would it not be wise to acknowledge that we are not truly independent. We are ultimately “dependent” upon God Almighty for our very existence and as such should endeavor to be His loyal servants. Possessing freedom of thought, let us celebrate our dependence upon God daily.

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