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God's Sovereignty and Man's Responsibility

The Sovereignty of God Calls Out to Man – Isaiah 45:14-25

When attesting that the God of Israel is sovereign, we are stating that He possesses both the ability to decide and act without the approval of any other entity. God alone decides what is and what shall be. Although many would like to think that they are autonomous, the fact is that we all are products of an environment that has been and continues to be controlled by God. Although not fully understood, God’s sovereignty allows men to make responsible choices and yet at no time do those choices impose upon or derail the will of God.

In reading Isaiah’s proclamation to Judah, we find that God’s sovereignty assures His people that at some future date the surrounding nations would pay homage to Judah with both their wealth and supplications. Those that had previously disrespected God and His chosen people would find themselves in a state of shame and humiliation. Likewise, today everyone’s choices will determine if he/she will enjoy the multiple blessings of God or suffer shame and humiliation resulting from His displeasure.

God succinctly states via Isaiah that He created the earth not as a wasteland, but a place to be inhabited. The fulfillment of God’s divine purpose requires the inhabitants of the earth to forsake their worship of idols - indicative of a wasted life - and turn to Him for salvation. Inevitably, everyone must bow and confess that God is both righteous and omnipotent. Giving such homage to God is best envisioned and enjoyed as a voluntary choice, rather than a resentful acknowledgment. Choose ye this day whom you will serve - the One and Only Sovereign God or one of the worthless idols of man’s imaginations. Salvation is found in none other than Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God (John 3:16).

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