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How Long Will Your New Year's Resolution Last?

Will You Resolve to Trust God in 2021?

Many scholars attribute Psalms 63 to the period that King David was in the wilderness after his son, Absalom, had staged a significant rebellion to unseat David from his throne. David’s resolve to trust in God despite both familial and political upheavals was substantial in keeping him safe and bringing about his restoration to the throne in Jerusalem. Regardless of the personal trials encountered today, the words of the psalmist give us insights for victorious living.

David starts this psalm stating that he would earnestly seek after God although he was in a dry and weary place. Having previously experienced the power and glory of God in the sanctuary and other experiences were enough to motivate David to continue to yearn for God from his innermost being. David’s resolve serves as an example for us today to continually seek after our Heavenly Father notwithstanding any personal dilemmas that confront us in this earthy experience.

As the psalmist continues, he makes a statement that is perhaps not easily comprehended by most, if not all, individuals. David proclaims that God’s lovingkindness is better than life itself. His proclamation in addition to acknowledging the lovingkindness of God confirms that human life is also good despite the tests, trials, and/or calamities one may experience. In consideration of God’s lovingkindness David states that 1) his lips would praise God, 2) he would bless God throughout his life, 3) his hands would be lifted-up to honor God’s name, and 4) his praise would be joyful. Likewise, we should model David’s resolve to praise and bless God continually even in those times of life which we esteem to be less than beneficial or ideal.

No doubt David’s wilderness experience necessitated the posting of sentries at night to alert him of any danger or threat that his enemy could inflict. Nevertheless, as he laid down at night his meditations were upon God. David mused about God’s providential care - 1) God has always been his help, 2) he was under the shadow of God’s wings, and 3) the presence of God’s hand upholding him throughout life. There are many distractions that confront us but let us endeavor to meditate continually on the providential goodness of God who has expressed His eternal love for us in granting redemption via Jesus Christ.

David completes this psalm with an acknowledgment that his enemies would be defeated by God. Those who falsely accused and sought to destroy the psalmist would become prey for the wild animals and have their mouths stopped. In this David declared that he would ultimately rejoice and glory in God. Let us be persuaded that we can always rejoice and glory in the Divine Creator for the plans of our enemies will be bought to naught.

Each new year brings about new resolutions of which many tend to be short-lived. However, the children of God should possess a resolve to always live with confidence that their Heavenly Father never wavers in His love and provision for them

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