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Is God Still Faithful Today?

The Faithfulness of God Remains Intact - Isaiah 43:14-21

Here the prophet Isaiah speaks of the deliverance of Judah from their Babylonian captivity by citing God’s proclamation that the Chaldeans (Babylonians) would be taken away as fugitives. This prophecy given more than 140 years prior to its fulfillment was realized when Darius, the king of the Medes successfully overthrew the Babylonians (Daniel 5:13-31).

Undoubtedly, many Jews while being held captive in Babylon felt forsaken by and questioned the faithfulness of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. However, God had prophetically spoken (many years prior) to these captives via Isaiah that He yet remained their Lord, their Creator and their King. He speaks of both His faithfulness and omnipotence by reminding them that it was He that delivered their forefathers via a dry passage through the mighty waters of the sea that drowned the Egyptian army with all its chariots and horses – never to be seen again.

God follows this statement of His past deliverance to the captives in Babylon with a declaration not to remember the former things or consider past events. The Word of God to the captives was that He would give them new perspectives and/or experiences that would differ from the flight of their forefathers as they departed Egypt. The Word of God cites that the captives would find roads in the wilderness for easy passage and rivers in the desert for the quenching of their thirst as they returned to their homeland. With this miraculous provision it is noted 1) that the beasts of the field would give “Glory” to God and 2) that the people He had chosen for Himself would declare His praise. God’s actions demonstrably revealed that He was not relegated to history but remains actively involved in the present experiences of His children.

Although most Christians recognize that they are not of Judaic descent, they do regard themselves as the children of God – having been adopted into Heaven’s family via profession of their faith in the redemptive sacrifice of God’s Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Yet, as members of the family of God we are not exempt from 1) corrective chastisement and 2) other problems, diseases (Covid-19 included), struggles and calamities, etc that befall humans during their lifetimes. Just as the captives of Judah came to realize that God had not forsaken them, Christians today in the midst of “trying or perilous events” can yet remain hopeful of a divinely provided deliverance for the “Faithfulness of God Remains Intact,” as He has promised never to leave or forsake His children. Let us remember to continually praise and worship God for His Enduring Faithfulness.

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