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What Is Your Heritage?

The Heritage of God’s Children – Isaiah 54:1-17

Heritage may be defined as a birthright that is granted to someone simply because of his/her birth into a specific family. The Judaic captives living in Babylon under less than ideal conditions perhaps felt that their heritage as descendants of Abraham was of little or no value to them. Regardless, of their current predicament there was nothing that negated their lineage and as a result, removed them from any inheritance that accrued to them as descendants of Abraham. The promises that God had made to Abraham also extended to his family and would eventually be fulfilled in their life experience at some point.

As the prophecy of Isaiah speaks to Abraham’s descendants in their captivity the Word of God calls for them to 1) rejoice in the fact they would ultimately travail, 2) prepare for an increase as their homes would be enlarged and desolate cities rebuilt, 3) remember that their hardship would only be for a brief period, 4) embrace the fact that God would always be loving and at peace with them, 5) acknowledge God’s gracious provision of prosperity, instruction and righteousness on their behalf. and 6) recognize the divine protection granted unto them. The extensiveness of God’s blessings to Abraham’s descendants was and remains both rewarding and comprehensive.

No other heritage can quantitatively or qualitatively compare to the heritage that is granted unto the children of God. The riches and/or status that one may incur in his/her earthly experience is not to be compared with the eternal blessings one receives as a child of Almighty God. So regardless of one's perceived earthly heritage or lack thereof, everyone should make it a point to be born as a child of God. This birth is simply achieved via one’s repentance of sin and believing in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.

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