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When Do You Call 911?

The God Who Rescues - Isaiah 51:9-16

Most of our present-day society is familiar with the term “911.” This is the number that is to be called to receive emergency assistance. Assistance may be requested from police, medical/ems, and/or fire personnel as required. This assistance primarily is called upon to satisfy some physical need. However, there are times in our lives where the need is not physical but may be of a psychological or spiritual nature. Where does one find emergency assistance when the need extends beyond one’s physical environment?

While the Judeans were held captive in Babylon, their physical need for liberation was apparent. However, the nation’s earlier lack of a spiritual attachment to God was the primary contributing factor that resulted in the present need for liberation. Judah’s failure to maintain a spiritual fellowship with their God bought about a 70-year period of captivity in Babylon with the homeland lying in a ruinous state. Toward the end of their 70-year captivity, there were Judean captives who awoke to their spiritual need.

With their spiritual awakening, the captives began to call upon God to address their physical need, a release from Babylonian bondage. They called upon their God who had in times past had delivered their forefathers from Egyptian bondage to do likewise for them in their present predicament. God would grant their request bringing them back to their homeland with joy and gladness abounding in their hearts.

If our society would simply recognize that the social, environmental, and political turmoil all around us is indicative of a spiritual malady that requires urgent attention, then perhaps a “911 call” to God in heaven can be the impetus that brings about the assistance needed. At the dedication of the first temple in Jerusalem, the Word of God came to King Solomon one night. God prophetically stated that if the nation of Judah experienced calamitous events and in such instances, if its citizenry would 1) humble themselves, 2) pray, 3) seek His face (in essence commit to obeying God), and 4) turn from their wickedness, then an answer from heaven would come and their land would be healed (ref II Chronicles 7:14). Let us not prolong making a “911 call to God” as our society-at-large and we ourselves stand in need of emergency assistance.

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