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Will You Embrace the Truth?

God Will Deliver His Children - Isaiah 51:1-8

Obviously, the children of Judah living as a captive people in Babylon were dismayed by their current circumstances. They felt forsaken by God, perhaps even believing that God had broken His promises to them as Abraham’s descendants not realizing that it was their sinful indulgences that resulted in their current predicament. God, despite the failure of Judah as a nation to maintain a harmonious relationship with Him, would not ultimately abandon them. Indeed, God did chastise Judah for their disobedience but would remain faithful to fulfill His promises to Abraham and his descendants.

Isaiah, God’s prophetic voice, to Judah relayed words of comfort and encouragement to the Judaic captives. Initially, these words called for those who would seek the righteousness of God to remember their heritage and God’s multiple blessings to their ancestral father. God’s words of comfort proceed to state that He would restore the waste places and wilderness experiences of Judah to be as Eden, the garden of the Lord. In her restored state Judah would experience joy and gladness abounding with melodious expressions of thankfulness.

The children of Judah are called to give their attention to God and realize that both His justice and salvation were near and would prevail. God’s justice would bring an unrelenting judgment to their unrighteous captors, and His salvation would not fail to rescue them from their present calamity. The fear of men, nor dismay of evil actions were to serve as significant items of concern for God’s children, but the fact that His righteousness and salvation would endure forever was to be the truth to embrace unwaveringly.

Although we are living many centuries after the events portrayed in this passage, the current affairs of our nation and the world are both similar and relevant for those that seek after the righteousness of God. Yes, some of the children of God may feel as though they have been neglected, possibly consigned to “long” suffering and certainly oppressed by the wealthy and powerful. Despite the current political climate, the Covid-19 pandemic, the wealth disparity, the racial divisiveness, environmental calamities, and any other elements of discouragement, there is hope for those that seek after God, the Almighty Creator. Regardless of our life experiences, we are reminded of God’s truth which proclaims that 1) God does not forsake those that seek after Him, 2) evil men will not endure, 3) the children of God are destined for restoration and eternal blessings, and 4) the righteousness and salvation of God endures eternally.

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